Accessing Heat Simulations

1. Extract and Download netCDF


  • In a web browser navigate to our THREDDS Data Server (TDS)
  • Click on the data file you are interested in downloading.
  • Choose the NetcdfSubset link.
  • Select all variables you are interested in downloading.
  • Change the Lat/lon suset Bounding Box to the domain of interest.
  • If application change the time subset to your temporal domain.
  • Click Submit.
  • The subset file will be downloaded as a netCDF file.

 How to work with netCDF in ArcMap visit our tutorial at


2. Access Data as Web Map Service


GETMAP – this request will return an image – below are parameters for GetMap

  • Layers =  example TSA_MIN_R_AVG
  • Bbox = your bounding box of interest - format is west, south, east, north
  • SRS = supported projection (get supported SRS from getCapabilities)
  • ESPG:4326 for WGS84
  • CRS = coordinate system  crs:84 = WGS  crs:83 NAD83  crs:27 NAD27
  • ColorScaleRange – (optional) if you know want to specify the min and max value for the color ramp.  Use in conjunction with GEMETADATA request
  • Width  and Height  - of the returned image
  • Style – type of symbology on the image (get supported styles from GetCapabilities)
  • Format – type of image returned - image/jpeg or image/png
  • Time – the time period you want to view


EXAMPLE OF REQUEST - Sample GetMap request - returns a map of the 20 year average (1986-2005) of a Minimum Temperate for September 27.


An example of the WMS URL for access the data is as follows:,24,-66,50&SRS=ESPG:4326&CRS=CRS:84&COLORSCALERANGE=-100,55&width=850&height=500&styles=BOXFILL/rainbow&format=image/png&TIME=2005-09-27T12:00:00Z


3. Access Data as Web Coverage Service


DESCRIBECOVERAGE -this request returns the description for the data set. You will see all available time dimensions as well as the bounding box.

  • Service = WCS
  • Version = 1.0.0
  • Request = DescribeCoverage
  • Layer = TSA_MIN_R_AVG (optional)



GETCOVERAGE– this request will return a dataset

  • Service = WCS
  • Version = 1.0.0
  • Request = GetCoverage
  • Coverage = layer of interest TSA_MIN_R_AVG (for example)
  • Bbox = extract data in your area of interest - format is west, south, east, north (optional only if you want to do a spatial extraction)
  • Format – type of image returned – netCDF3 or GeoTiff
  • ResX and ResY - if specifying a geotiff you must specify the resolution (optional)
  • Time – your can request just 1 time period or a range of time periods (use / to specify a range) (optional only if you want to extract by time)


EXAMPLE OF REQUEST:,24,-66,50&Format=netCDF3&TIME=2005-09-27T12:00:00Z