Mapping and Modeling Weather and Climate with GIS

The new book "Mapping and Modeling Weather and Climate with GIS" from Esri Press contains many chapters authored by UCAR/NCAR scientists, engineers, and staff.  This book is geared towards atmospheric scientists and practitioners interested in integrating weather and climate data in a GIS platform.  The book is divided up into 6 parts:

  1. 1) Representations of atmospheric phenomena
  2. 2) Observations
  3. 3) Models
  4. 4) Integrated analyses of models and observations
  5. 5) Web services
  6. 6) Tools and resources

Olga Wilhelmi, a Project Scientist in RAL is an editor of the book, along with Tiffany Vance (NOAA), Jack Settelmaier (NWS), Kevin Butler (Esri) and Lori Armstrong (Esri).


Olga Wilhelmi

Jennifer Boehnert

Kevin Sampson

Andrew Monaghan

Arlene Laing

Ben Domenico