Exploring the use of online GIS technologies

Online GIS

The GIS Program has been exploring the use of online GIS technologies in order to better present results, data, and information to stakeholders.  We have been working with commercial online technology such as ArcGIS Online as well as open source options such as OpenLayers and Leaflet.


ArcGIS Online


The NCAR GIS Program has an open ArcGIS Online portal which is available to the public NCAR ArcGIS Online.  Using ArcGIS Online technology we are exploring the possibility of distributing project results and climate model simulations to stakeholders and the public.

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EXAMPLES of our web applications.

Story book of CSAP projects across the globe

Beat the Heat - City of Houston application

Open Layers

The NCAR GIS program has used OpenLayers and other open source mapping and graphing technologies in order to visualize possible temperature and precipitation changes throughout the 21st century through the Climate Inspector.



MapStory.org is a platoform for storyteller to upload spatial data and tell stories from that data.  A community of users can register and upload data for others to use.  

The NCAR GIS Program have developed two of our own MapStories.

Changes in temperature and urbanization

Rate of change of population by 2050


OpenLayers 3

OpenLayers 3 is an open source javascript API for working with spatial data.


Leaflet is an open source javascript api for web mapping and mobile application development.  It is much simplier than OpenLayers but still very robust.  I have developed a simple web map which is hosted by GitHub.  Follow this link to learn how to use GitHub to host your data and web application.

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