Environmental and Socio-economic Datasets

Here you will find useful links for locating spatial data and information available through Internet servers or GIS data clearinghouses.

Land Cover / Land Use Datasets
  • Global 2000 Landcover

    Developed in collaboration with over 30 research teams. This dataset was chosen as the dataset for the Millenium Ecosystems Assessment.

  • World Wildlife Fund

    Provides datasets that they have created and/or improved, such as:

    • Terrestrial Ecoregions
    • Global lakes and wetlands database
  • The Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment (SAGE)

    Distributes many different types of land use / land cover datasets such as:

    • Major Crops
    • Historical Croplands
    • Global Potential Vegetation Dataset
    • LBA Hydra Dataset
    • Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Dataset
  • Fire Mapping

    Displays active fires by MODIS Rapid Response System.