Agriculture in a Changing Climate Across Scales

Day 1 - Presentations

Welcome - Lawrence Buja, NCAR and Margaret Walsh, USDA Climate Change Program Office

20th and 21st Century Climate Change: Climate Modeling, Societal Impacts, and Environmental Justice - Warren Washington, NCAR

CROP modeling in the Community Land Model – Samuel Levis, NCAR

Climate Change and Food Security - An Overview - Margaret Walsh, USDA Climate Change Program Office

Climate trends and global crop yields – Claudia Tebaldi, NCAR

Day 2 - Presentations

Climate Science for Agriculture: Challenges and Opportunities of using Climate Model Projections – Caspar Ammann, NCAR

Climate impacts on ranching, farming and natural resources in the Northern Plains – Justin Derner, USDA Northern Plains Regional Climate Hub

Drought Risk and Adaptation in the Interior (DRAI) – A social-ecological systems approach to understanding drought impacts, vulnerabilities, and responses – Shannon McNeeley, North Central Climate Science Center, Colorado State University

Opportunities for collaboration – Lawrence Buja, NCAR

Opportunities for collaboration –  Margaret Walsh, USDA

Day 3 - Presentations

Agricultural Decision Making under Climate Uncertainty – William Travis, Geography Department, University of Colorado, Boulder

Seasonal Climate Forecasts in the U.S. - Past, Present, and Future – Klaus Wolter, University of Colorado- CIRES, NOAA-ESRL

Regional Climate Model Development For Agricultural Applications: A Land Surface Modeling Perspective – Michael Barlage, NCAR

Internship and research opportunities at UCAR – Rebecca Haacker-Santos, SOARS